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Thai Massage

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What is Thai massage?

Thai massage (Nuad Bo Rarn) was developed over 2,500 years ago, combining yoga and Ayurvedic principles with Chinese medical practices and theory. Using gentle assisted yoga stretches and pressure point work to open up Sen lines (meridians) the massage works by releasing blocked energy throughout the body.
Thai head massage uses gentle pressure point work and light massage strokes to give a profound release of tension and stress relief, aiding in the treatment of stress, headaches and tinitis.
Thai Reflexology uses the pressure points on the hands and feet to effect release throughout the whole body to promote holisitc health and the body's own healing capacity.

What to expect

You will lie fully clothed whilst the practitioner uses rocking and kneading motions and pressure point work while moving your body into gentle stretches to effect release throughout your body. It is often dubbed 'lazy man's yoga.'

Who and what we treat

Due to its versatile nature, Nuad Bo Rarn has benefits for most people, ranging from increased mobility, pain relief, improved organ function, stress relief, relaxation and improved circulation. Because it is a holistic therapy (treating the body and an integrated whole as well as being interconnected with the mind and emotions) this massage supports the entire being through the body's own natural healing processes.
Other massage therapies that we offer at Marlborough House include aromatherapy, lomi-lomi and sports injury massage.

To learn more about our Thai Massage Therapists, click on Beth French or Ruth Bell

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